Julie tote

  1. I am thinking of dipping my toe into the BV pool.

    Looking at the Julie tote on Bluefly, does anyone have it...can it be used as a shoulder bag

    The colors I am looking at, Cream and Ivory...would cream be the darker of the 2, i can't tell from the photos on the website

    Thank you for any help

    (pardon my lack of punctuation, the question mark key on my laptop is missing)
  2. I just saw this tote recently. The handle(s) is essentially one piece of connected "rope" so you can wear it as two straps (as usually shown in pictures) or you can pull it so that one strap is much longer than the other (like cinching a pouch) and easily wear it over the shoulder with a single strap.

    Sorry but I don't know about the colors.
  3. I have a Julie in taupe, the deer skin is really soft. It can just fit on my shoulder with double straps when I wear thin clothing in summer, a bit tight. It will be better to have it as single strap if you really want to put on shoulder.

  4. I'm also interested in the answer to the color question, cream vs. ivory. I suspect they are actually the *same* off-white color, just a bluefly difference in description. Neither one looks like the "Limo" color though, which I would describe as "taupe".

    Yes, it can be a shoulder bag, the strap is thick but very soft and comfortable.
  5. does anyone know if this Julie bag heavier than the venetta?
  6. ^^^My smaller Julie weighs about 1.5 pounds empty, and feels really light even with my stuff in it (probably because the weight is spread across a lot of surface area), and I believe the larger is 2 pounds or so. Not sure about the Veneta...don't own one yet!
  7. Veneta bag is lighter than the Julie. However, the Julie is still light.