Julie Roberts & Family

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    Danny, Julia, Hazel, Phinnaeus and Their babysitter
  2. Awww. Her kids are so cute! Her son looks just like her.
  3. Cute. Their kids look like a nice blend of both of them.
  4. She looks like she is living a nice normal (as possible) life!
  5. kids are adorable....wow does the little boy have red hair....
  6. Sweet! Thanks for posting this.
  7. Great shots! Nice to see celebs just hanging out and being natural. What a beautiful family!
  8. the kids are adorable!!!!
  9. cuuute
  10. Awww, the twins are adorable!! :heart:
  11. They look so cute together!!!
  12. Cute. But of course the Nanny in towe.
  13. Her little girl is so cute! All of them make for a good looking family
  14. What a cute family.
  15. I hope Hazel grows into her head. What a weird looking kid.