Julianne’s Moore’s Blonde New Do

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  1. ımmmm!i dont like her new do:tdown:
  2. Yeah I much prefer her as a redhead, but I absolutely love her as an actress!:woohoo:She is so classy, esp compared with some of the other younger ones in hollywood.
  3. Don't care for that shade of blonde on her...maybe a different one?
  4. That new shade does not suit her at all....makes her look a little older. Maybe she should change her makeup, or go back to her other fabulous shade of red.
  5. Nooooooooooo! I hope it's just for a movie role-she has the most stunning red hair ever, and she always talks about how much she loves being a redhead. I'll be sad if she caved and became blonde!
  6. Her red hair made her famous..what was she thinking? She's insane.
  7. I much prefur her hair the way it was, my SO will be gutted he loves Julianne Moore!! It does get everyone talking about her though doesn't it.
  8. Not a fan - she's best with her red mane.
  9. I liked her as a redhead. Maybe it's for a movie?
  10. i agree, I hope its for a film role, she is just stunning as a redhead (whether it is natural or not), this colour just makes her look pale and washed out.

    Still adore her tho ;)
  11. Not a good look for her.
  12. The red looks much better on her, the lighter hair makes her look like a hag, it does nothing for her.
  13. I agree. Not good.
  14. Hope it's temporary! I just love her.
  15. Oh no, she was gorgeous as a redhead. I hope it for a movie.