Julianne quilted...anyone else dying for one?

  1. I've been looking for a great shoulder purse for a while now. I saw the Julianne on someone yesterday and can't stop thinking about it. So pretty and perfect.

    I did a web search and it looked like Ron Herman had them on sale for almost 50% off! WTF???

    Isn't the Julianne a new style? Should I wait til they go on sale at Nordies/Saks or just get one?? I'm loving the burgundy one.
  2. Yes, it' s new and beautiful!

    Just had to say how much I love your avatar!
  3. The Julianne Ron Herman has is from the spring 2007 line, I'm pretty sure. I just bought one from there in beige and will take delivery on 6/19. I don't know why they had those and patchwork stams marked at half price, but I was thrilled to pay a total of $668 (includes shipping and NO TAX, hallelujah!) for such a nice bag in a neutral color. BTW, the burgundy is new for fall and I don't think you'll find one on sale for awhile...the only ones at Ron Herman were beige, although they offered the Ryder and the Stam in black. Good luck!
  4. I love that bag but I need to pace myself, or I would go get it too. I am I saw a pic on the forum not too long ago and fell in love!
  5. I went to Nordies during the week and saw Julianne in Slate, Ivory, and silver metallic? It kinda looked like purple-ish. Anyway, I love the slate and nude!! I like the slate color the best! It is really tempting! If it's on sale half price you should get it!!:yes:
  6. I wanted a pink julianne! Is it still available in stores now?
  7. I missed the Ron Herman sale, but would have certainly grabbed the beige at 50% off! If you were lucky enough to grab one, please post pics when she arrives!
  8. Thanks Abby! Your avatar is precious too!

    mkdallas, pease do post pics when your Julianne arrives!
  9. LOVE the julianne look, but not sure about the strap/handle tho... the weird twisty thing? those of u who own it, is it comfy/easy to use? (handle)
  10. OK, I just got my beige Julianne from Ron Herman and I REALLY like it. I was also somewhat unsure about the "weird twisty handle thing", LOL, but it looks fine...granted, it's not my favorite part of the purse, but it looks nice and not weird IRL. The color is awesome; it will go with absolutely everything. One nice thing is that the chain handle is dang heavy...I like that you can remove it and use the leather handle to make it a short shoulder bag. I would love to post a pic, but have no idea how to do it. I am really satisfied with my purchase and feel like I got a great deal. During all these recent sales, I sort of went beserk trying to get a good price on an MJ. I ordered from NM and Saks, but ended up returning both bags because they weren't truly what I liked, just had a sale price. I will get a lot of use out of Julianne and I like that it's a little dressier than some of the other bags. The color is a true pale beige and really versatile; definitely could be used in fall, spring and summer. Now I just have to figure out how to nonchanlantly introduce it to my husband..."this old thing??? OMG, I've had it for MONTHS!" :sneaky:
  11. hahaha that sounds so cute =)
    im glad u got that great deal on julianne... enjoy!
  12. to answer the post question...."Is the pope catholic?"...

    You found a gorgeous bag! Congrats on the bargain!