Julianne owners

  1. Do you wear the heavy chain on the bag? I feel like I want to take it off and just wear it without - it's heavy and "too much" I feel (not big on chains but I am such a fan of this bag). Thanks for your input!
  2. That is the reason ^^ I sold mine! Wear it without, the bag still fits on your shoulder fine!!
  3. Yeah, I wear the chain on mine...but I personally like the way it looks hanging down and I don't find it heavy at all...then again, I haul around a 40 lb kid all the time, too, lol! I think it's just a matter of personal preference, and as muggles points out, it fits just fine over the shoulder so you don't really need the chain anyway.
  4. I bought mine on eBay and actually, it was listed without the chain. That was fine with me because I knew I wouldn't use the chain handle even if I got it. I think the strap fits on the shoulder just fine wtihout it.