Julianne or Madison Hippie

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  1. Hope you guys will help me out... I bought the Julianne in the Khaki/brass siggie combination. However, I recently saw the Madison Hippie in a similar color combo at Macys. Which one would you choose? I'm leaning toward the Hippie becuase I like the fact that I can actually use the short strap on my shoulder, while I can't on the Julianne. I really don't plan on wearing either of them crossbody becuase I find the long straps a little short. But on the otherhand, there is just something about Julianne that I can't just seem to say no too... Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Oh the things we ponder! I would buy them both try them on around the house and make my decision that way. Although, I might be inclined to keep both! I am NO help!
  3. I like the julianne! I am a shoulder bag girl so you would think I would like the hippie. But The julianne fits well and I think it is lighter weight than the Hippie. The is heavy and too big IMO. The Julianne is just the right size. But if I had the choice between the Julianne and the Parker hippie, I would say the Parker Hippie....I dont have one but I love the buttery soft leather and how it is light weight. I think I just talked myself into getting/seaching for the Parker Hippie! HA! :graucho: