Julianne Moore With Her Daughter Liv in NYC

  1. [​IMG]
  2. aww! How gorgeous is she?!
  3. wow, they really do look almost exactly alike. Beautiful :smile:
  4. I think Julianne Moore is just terrific.
  5. OMG! That little girl is a carbon copy of her! They both look so happy!
  6. aw, they look so cute together!!
  7. Aww.. they're just so adorable together, I love how they're both firey redheads !
  8. The hair caught my eye! Beautiful pair!
  9. I love JM, and she looks even better IRL. Her daughter is adorable!
  10. I have always like her,that daughter of hers is a doll.
  11. Her daughter is so cute!
  12. That hair! They are both gorgeous and look so happy!
  13. Her daughter is a mini-me version of Julianne! How sweet!!:yes:
  14. Her daughter is the sweetest little thing, look at that smile!
  15. omigosh, it's like a mini julianne! She is just to precious!