Julianne Moore and Liv in New York

  1. [​IMG]:p
  2. Oh cute! Wow - she really looks like her mom!
  3. OMG what a cutie her daughter is and Juliane is a very beautiful woman i just dont like her outfit here!
  4. Her daughter is adorable in the polka dots! I always love Julianne's hair-such a pretty color.
  5. I love Julian. I think she is an amazing actress and a very beautiful woman. Her daughter looks just like her. She's such a cute little girl.

    BTW. Do you know what bag is Julian wearing? I like it.
  6. her daugther is so adorable!
  7. Oh, her red hair is so cute! She looks just like mommy!
  8. Yes, yes, the girls are lovely... but what about that great bag? Anybody?
    I'm totally digging it.
  9. Both Mother & Daughter are adorable. :heart:
  10. How cute are they!! Love her daughters outfit- has a kids touch to it!
  11. both are adorable!
  12. that is such a cute picture!
  13. i loveee julianne moore.... she's a true red haired girl!