Julia vs. Diane

  1. Anyone have either of these bags? What is the difference between them? Looking at them on the MJ website, it appears they are the same. They are both 15 x 10 x 5. Anyone have pics of their own to post? Thanks!
  2. Diane is a tote & bigger version of Julia (luggage style). Or is it the other way around? Julia has expandable zippers (nice feature), don't remember if Diane has that or not. The leather feels nice, it's not super smooth so I get the impression that it can be maintained easily.

    Style wise, I don't think Diane is as nice as Stella. They are different though, Diane doesn't have 2 front pockets like other MJ bags.
  3. I have a black Stella, but am considering a black Diane. The Stella, to me, seems a bit more casual when I am dressed up in a business suit. Thought the Diane was a bit more professional looking. Or do you think they are too close to the same thing?
  4. I have the Diana-its like double the size of the Julia!It also has expandable zips in it..Its very heavy...I shoulfd have gottne the Julia..this is too large for me.Get the Julia..its on sale too at Saks.
  5. Will it fit over the shoulder, the Julia? And does it come in Black?
  6. How is the leather, Jill? Is it stiff or soft or inbetween, and I just looked on Saks website and didn't see either of those bags... is it one where I'd need to call? Still undecided... my Nordies sold the black Diana I saw on the sale table two days ago, so they ordered another one in for me to take a peek at.
  7. You can see the Diane tote is taller

  8. The leather isnt mushy-it is stiffer than the normal MJ bags..buts it nice like the caviar leather Chanel uses...I just regret it cuz its so big and heavy.The dianne was on sale 50% off at Saks..in Nutmeg^
  9. There's a picture of Julia on a mannequin at NAP. Go for Julia. =)

    Julia Leather Tote
    WAS: $995.00 NOW: $696.50
    Olive green leather tote with gold hardware, tonal stitching and expanding width. Tote has two leather handles with gold loops at end, a zip fastening pouch pocket on the front with a leather strap attached, zip fastening at the top, visible stiching in a line on front and back and gold zip fastening across the base and on the side to allow the bag to expand. Lined in beige with white Marc Jacobs logo and a zip fastening internal pocket.
  10. I saw that before I saw this thread. That is a very tempting deal on NAP.
  11. BagHound, this Diane tote listing has very good pictures (inside & outside of tote, plus how it looks on a mannequin).

  12. ^ they have it listed as a Julia tote..and its a Diane..LMAO...
  13. Thanks, bag.lover for that link... you're right... GREAT pics! That helped a lot. Loving that olive Julia on NAP!