Julia or Diane?

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  1. saksbags.jpg marcjacobsdiane.jpg
  2. BagHound & Jill have Diane. BagHound said Diane can hold a lot, will let her comment further. =)

    Diane is big, I prefer the look & size of Julia. =)
    Since you have a shoulder bag (Selma) and a tote (the other tote) from MJ, you probably should go for Julia unless you are looking for another tote. =)
  3. LOL I just gave the Diane I had to my mother. It does hold A LOT but I also do like the look of the Julia more. Unless you really need all that space, the Julia from what I know of its dimensions can fit everything I would need. :yes:
  4. Does the Julia fit over the shoulder?
  5. i prefer this one:


  6. I have the Julia in white (or off white?) and I love it. That was my go to bag all summer. The design is great and the leather is fantastic. Great size. Holds a lot and I carry it over my shoulder all the time. Go for the Julia.:yes:
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