Julia Cocco??

  1. Hey girls and boys, so i was just surfing the net and came across forzieri.com and i fell in :love: with this bag but i've not heard of this brand. anyone has any experience with it and do tell whether the quality of the bag is good or not. Thanks!! Am so ready to take the plunge and purchase this!! Was thinking of getting it for myself (hinted at the bf) for the bday. :yes: I just think this bag would pull together any outfit, dress up or casual and i like that it looks roomy.
  2. My experience with Forzieri has been great-they wouldn't sell a crummy handbag...go for it!:yes: On top of that, the price is great! If you are a first time buyer they generally offer a discount, too.
  3. Never heard of it but it is a very cute bag.
  4. very pretty!
  5. Seems like not a lot of people has heard about this brand :confused1: