Juli sneakers...anyone have them?

  1. Does anyone have these yet? If so, could you model? Thanks!

    Also, if they do not have them in the store, if they order them, will the PCE still apply?
  2. I like these shoes They are cute... Here's a pic for anyone that hasn't seen them!

  3. I don't have them but they look super cute and I am so tempted to get them.
  4. I LOVE those shoes. my bf is getting them for me!
  5. that is nice, i want a pair now!
  6. ohh - I have been wanting those. Someone post some pics if you own them. Foot models???
  7. bump

    anyone have modeling pics of these?
  8. not the best....but...


    I took them back....didnt like em
  9. I like them but there have been a lot of comments about how coach shoes aren't that comfy... you can search the threads and see more, but if that's not an issue for you, I say go for it.