Jules Cross Body?

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  1. Does anyone own this bag yet? It looks like a modern version of the boyfriend RM use to sale. I am thinking about getting it in the Acid color.
  2. I'm looking forward to buying the blue and white version when it goes down in price a bit.
  3. I would love the acid yellow color!!! Good choice!
  4. I saw that one it is really cute but, I agree it's best to wait for it to go on sale.
  5. I really like it to but I am just not sure how the hardware will hold up since someone who got a bag with that color/ hardware and it already started chipping not even a week after having it.
  6. Good eye! I've been looking at the same color, but worried about the HW too...
  7. I saw the acid yellow black hw combo at Neiman's last weekend. Looks very pretty in person but I too would be worried about chipping of the black Hw. I think it already happened to a fellow poster int he acid yellow thread.