Juilletdix's eclectic collection

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  1. I find myself drawn to more understated handbags

    These are photos of some of my favorite bags, Hogan, Tod's D and 8 bags, Prada, Luella Bartley and my biggest splurge - the Loro Piana "Globe" bag.
    Tods.jpg luella.jpg two prada.jpg hogan.jpg loro.jpg
  2. Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Love the Luella!
  4. very nice collection
  5. What a beautiful and perfect collection! These classics will never look dated.
  6. Your bags are very classic and elegant. Great choices that will last you long!
  7. Great Collection.
  8. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I love your tods bag great color and great collection.
  10. very classy!
  11. Love the Luella Bartley!!
  12. The Luella is so gorgeous!!!
    And I love that gold Prada!
  13. Very nice!
    Love your Luella :yahoo:
  14. Very nice collection. Love your Tods!!!
  15. nice prada