Juicycouture.com/Bergdorf's price adjustment..? Help!

  1. I've been watching juicycouture.com and neimanmarcus.com for a long time, waiting for this one pair of Juicy pants to show up in my size. Finally today they did and I grabbed them immediately (off the Juicy website, as there was a $6 price discrepancy for some reason)--there was only one pair, as after I got it that size was no longer listed as an option.

    I just noticed, however, that bergdorfgoodman.com has the exact same modeling photographs of the pants and the same return policy and everything as juicycouture.com and neimanmarcus.com. Basically the website layout is the same. The same sizes are in stock/not in stock. There is one key difference: the pants are a LOT cheaper on the Bergdorf Goodman website. I know that Neiman Marcus runs Juicy's online shop, and though I don't see it blatantly stated online, it sure seems that it's connected to Bergdorf's as well. Whatever the case, do you think there is a way I can get a price adjustment? I mean, if I'd only realized Bergdorf's carried the pants in time I could have just gotten them there instead... :shrugs: Any help/advice/insights would be very much appreciated, thanks!
  2. Are the pants a slae item?
  3. Yes.
  4. Yes you can.

    I've done it before- they're the same company, same items, just different prices. And if you live outside of New York you shoudnt be charged tax from Bergdorfs I think.
  5. I just gave Juicy a call and was told that they won't give me a price adjustment because their items are only delivered by Neiman Marcus.

    If that's true, why do they have the exact items in stock? When I ordered my size off the Juicy website, it disappeared from the Neiman Marcus website at the same time! asldkjfsldfkj.

  6. Maybe they aren't familiar with BG. Tell them that NM and BG are the same company pretty much. Google it and provide documentation if the PA is that important to you...

    I don't see why they won't adjust it from you because after NM updated inventory, BG should too. And the good thing about BG is that if you need to return something, you can return it back to NM and they will ship it back for you...

    Obviously, they can do that because they are the same company....

    You should call Juicy again... hope it all works out
  7. I think what the person I reached was saying was that although Neiman Marcus ships things that are ordered off the Juicy Couture website, NM does not get the money, Juicy does. So they have no obligation to price-adjust to match BG's price. This is just a case of bad luck I think :crybaby: . If only I hadn't tried to save $6/had known about BG stocking the item as well, I could be saving $30 right now! If only Juicy had a price matching policy...sigh. At least I found the pants in my size I guess. I've been trying to complete a set for sooo long.

    Thanks for the help, ladies!
  8. oy! the pants are back in my size! I'm going to order them from BG and return the expensive ones. will end up saving around $15. hurrah.