juicybbyxx bag gallery!

  1. COACH
    from left to right: 2005 patchwork lunch tote, white signature stripe tote, pink leather ?, slim carly, purple suede tote, pink suede hobo, scribble tote, pink hamptons shoulder bag, punch tote, white & gold tote. (& somewhere is my blue satchel. ill post it as soon as i find it)
    2006 holiday patchwork gallery tote (my mom took it to use which is why its not included above)
    ipod cases, pink suede wristlet, pink wallet (somewhere i have a brown embossed wallet & a siggy stripe wristlet)
    coach pastel keychain, smiley keyfob, daisy keyfob.

    Juicy Couture (small but growing quickly!)
    plaid bowler, cherry tote, pink jacquard shoulder bag, pink leather wallet, & sunglasses.

    Michael Kors
    red beach tote, large black MK tote.

    Dooney & Bourke
    i have no idea what theyre called. except for the bucket bag, which i got for $100 at a school auction. and the black pda case. i love it!:yahoo:
  2. Love your Scribble tote and Carly!
  3. nice collection :smile:
  4. Cute collection! ;)
  5. I love that smiley face charm, so cute! Great collection, thanks for sharing!
  6. Great collection!
  7. love the scribble!
  8. okay so i missed some of my collection cause the post was so long...heres the rest!

    just a pair of glasses.


    Full Shoe Collection!
    all but the blue sandals (lacoste) and the black stillettos (BCBG) are coach.

    Betsey Johnson
    only a set of cosmetic cases & a giant travel bag.

    Family Photos
  9. Wow! So many pretty bags! Thanks for sharing!
  10. very cute!!!!!! t4p!!!
  11. Thanks for sharing your collection. The scribble is my favorite.
  12. Very cute collection- love the red Kors tote!
  13. cute collection, thanks for sharing.
  14. :love::love:Very nice...
  15. hmmmm... I love your coach bag with metallic under.. great collection..