1. I was thinking of getting my Yorkie a Juicy Couture hoodie online. She's about 4lbs 3oz. I am thinking of getting her size small. Does anyone buy Juicy for their dogs. How does it run size wise? Too small? Too big?
  2. I have found that the Juicy dog clothes run kind of small. I would get her a small and see how that fits. For me, I got one to small for my puppy, she is 8lbs so I just exchanged it for a larger size. It really depends on your dog and what fits her nicely. Sometimes you have to try on a few before you can have it fit really well.
  3. My dog weighs exactly 4 lbs and he wears small in Juicy!
  4. In the sweaters go for a small, if you want a jacket go for XS.
  5. Thanks for the advice all.
  6. They run very small :smile:
  7. santa is getting my shizu a extra large...
  8. They don't make extra large.
  9. Yep, both my Chi's wear a small in Juicy hoodies and they are 4 1/2 and 5 lb. pups. They are wearing their Juicy hoodies in my siggy :p
  10. my chi weighs 5lbs and he wears the small puffy jacket...its a great jacket, i layer it with his sweater underneath..love how the hood protects his head from wind and snow
  11. I bought a extra large...2 weeks ago.....
  12. How about a dog that is 7 or 8 pounds? Would she be a medium?
  13. In which item? Show us. :smile:

    It came a few days ago. It fits her perfectly.