Juicy Zambellini. My Collection

  1. First thing as a new member I would like to introduce my babies to you! Here is my collection, pictures to come soon, I'm fighting with re-sizing the pictures...

    As for today my coollection consists of:

    Monogram Keepall 60 with initials on nametag
    Monogram Speedy 35
    Monogram Large Noé
    Monogram Large Saumur
    Monogram Mini Sac HL with initials on bottom of the handle
    Monogram Cherries Pochette Accessoires
    Monogram mini pochette accessoires
    Monogram Mini pink notebook
    Monogram Mini grey Keychain/coin purse
    Epi Leather blue large Saint Jacques

    Balenciaga floral canvas print Day bag

    Fendissime Accessori silver nylon bag with floral print canvas handles.

    Prada beige leather credit card holder
    Prada black leather keychain

    Coccinelle accessories pouch

    Gherardini large shopper

    See you soon girls!

    xoxo Juicy:heart::heart::heart:
  2. pictures are required. . .
  3. sounds like a great collection. pics please.
  4. I'm sorry I thought I had posted another one where I actually attacched the pics!! Here they are girls :smile:) Some of the bags are in my apt in NY and now I'm on vacation but I'll add more soon
    pursegroupshot2resized.jpg pursegroupshotresized.jpg
  5. Gherardini, Firenze
  6. I forgot to mention the Gucci vintage beige logo cosmetic bag
  7. Great collection! Look at those lovely patinas on the LVs!!! Well-loved! :drool:
  8. Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection!
  9. Nice LV collection!
  10. Great collection! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  11. Thanks for sharing your collection!!! Love the LVs
  12. Thanks for sharing
  13. oooh!! Can't wait for the pics!
  14. Great collection. Thanks for sharing with us.
  15. Nice collection. I like your B bag.