Juicy Wear --> Refurbishing Ideas?

  1. Hey guys,

    I've had a Juicy bowler (my very first Juicy piece!), and it is worn and cracked around the handles, and the shape is no longer there.

    It's a green/blue canvas bowler, with green leather handles, "J" hangtag, etc.

    I'm wondering if I could get some lime green dye (like my bowler) and fix the discoloured handles? Also maybe buy some edge coat and fix the handles..

    Has anyone does this before?

  2. I haven't done anything like that, but on the main Purse forum there's some older threads about dyeing bags, so there may be some helpful ideas there. Do a search with dye, dyeing, etc. Search the Coach forum also re: the edge coat or sealant. Also I know some people have taken bags to cobblers to have them dyed. HTHs

  3. Thanks! I'm going to try and find some edgekote that is the same colour as the lime green that's on my purse...hopefully I can find a match! It's a very distinct colour :p