Juicy velour pants? Length?

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  1. Do the juicy velour pants come in various lengths?

    I am 5'9" and find sweats to always be too short if they are not purposefully a long length. So, how do you find juicy pants? Are they made extra long to begin with?
  2. I have size M, and I think the inseam is around 32-33".
  3. ^^ Odd, all my Juicy sweats are a couple inches too long for me, around 34-35 inches. I have 32-33 inch inseam normally, so it have to fold them under, and I wear a size small.
  4. ^^ Yup, I agree with luckyblonde. They are making them a lot longer than they used to
  5. I am also 5'9'' and I wear a size M and the length is perfect.
  6. Thanks!