Juicy velour 1/2 price plus 20%

  1. Juicy velour is 1/2 price at www.shirleyandcompany.com plus we get 20% with promo code, thepurseforum
  2. I saw that earlier.Must resist for now as I already bought a bag from her for a great deal.
  3. Wow... I've never tried on any Juicy Velour. I'd hate for it not to fit. Great price though
  4. What an awesome price!!
    Should I....? LOL No I can't I spent way too much money this past week T_T
  5. samjane...Juicy runs small. I wear a size 4 or 6 in pants and I'm a medium in Juicy. Same with the hoodies.
  6. awesome! the more Juicy fo me the better! :wlae:
  7. I love the deep dark pink pants....wish they had a whole set!
  8. that's what happens with juicy...it's hard to get a whole set this cheap.
  9. Thats great - thank you :smile:
  10. sucks the cold season is almost over. :s
  11. i like the grey velour but they dont have my size. =(
  12. Awesome, thanks!

    Also, all orders over $75 have free shipping -- woo hoo!
  13. :yucky:don't have anything left in my size.
  14. Thanks! I've been wanting a new Juicy outfit.
  15. We still get 20% off on the new terry too. :wlae: