juicy tshirts?

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  1. i was thinking of getting an ~$100 juicy tshirt but am i paying for anything other than the name? because the fabric seems to be very flimsy and easily ripped like my other, cheaper tshirts..
  2. I have several Juicy t-shirts. They are very girlie and pretty... I bought them for the name I must admit. They are very cute with the beads and crowns and all that but you know what the quality isn't that great! Of the 6 I own I think one is of decent quality. None of them have ripped but the fabric is thin and flimsy... I have some t-shirts from Banana Republic that are great - gap too! So yeah I would have to say they are way overpriced.
  3. The quality isn't really worth the price tag, especially since you're basically paying to wear the name on your chest. Juicy makes some other cute, higher quality clothes - I would personally buy a cute sweater or dress instead of a $100 t-shirt.
  4. ^ Me too. $100 isn't worth it for a tee imo.
  5. Agree with most f you isn't worth it to pay that much for it. But you might consider looking at loehmann's they sometimes have Juicy tshirts for less (more that half the original price.)
  6. Some of my juicy t-shirts that I bought seemed to fall apart quicker than other brands of the same price...so I tend to only buy them on sale now.
  7. i only buy juicy t's when they are on sale or at marshalls or tj maxx. sometimes you can find them or ed hardy for like 20 bucks
  8. Wooah, 100 dollars for a tee shirt is a ripoff. I only wear their basic tees, like the plain coloured long sleeve or tank tops of the Juicy tees. If there is a certain one you like, I'd definitely recommend hunting around at sales or outlets.
  9. Yeah, def. not for $100.00
    A lot of tshirts I find they have, esp. with their tanks are flimsy and not
    worth the retail price they sell them for. But i LOVE their tracksuits
    they're so comfy.
  10. Wow,I definitely would not spend $100 on a shirt not matter what what brand it was. I would buy them on sale or at TJ Maxx they always have a pretty good selection.
  11. It's not worth it. I bought a Juicy t-shirt from an outlet store for $50 and after wearing it a few times, it started to rip. I have no problem with other Juicy stuff, but their t-shirts aren't worth the price at all.
  12. Don't buy it! Send me the link and I'm sure we can find something similiar, and cheaper. I've made the mistake of buying a lot of juicy tee's when I was younger, and all of them and I mean all, are ripped or pebbled, ect.
  13. i'd look for it on sale. the quality is not worth it at all
  14. Awhile ago, I started buying juicy. I really only like their tracksuit pants for some reason. I'd used the 100 and buy a pair on sale.
  15. Definitely in no way worth the $100 IMHO.