Juicy tracksuits - what do you think?

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  1. Do you think it's out of style now or still IN?
  2. I think they're very comforatble, but if they're still in, they're barely in! I'm not really hip by nature though, so I care VERY little about what's "in".
  3. i love the juicy velour tracksuits. very comfy and cute. i wear them on weekends.
  4. I love them completely. If I could I would live in them 24/7.
  5. In my opinion Juicy is often a staple for comfy cuteness..so IMO, I don't thin juicy will ever be out
  6. thanks! i love them too but just haven't seen much around anymore so was wondering what the verdic was. ;)
  7. I love the pants, very comfy for my "blah" days. I have the matching jackets but I usually don't wear the full tracksuit.
  8. Love them, so comfy and the colors are great.
  9. I love Juicy track suits. They always keep me comfy and warm. I'm partial to the fleece ones.
  10. Love 'em...wearing mine now!
  11. i have a few that i mostly wear on lazy days or on planes. i wouldn't so much say they're in now, but they are still nice. they used to be SO big at my school a few years back.
  12. I don't have anything Juicy. I think their stuff is WAY overpriced!!! JMO.
  13. Agreed! I have a white cotton skirt by juicy, but I only like it because you would never know its Juicy...I am not a fan of their blatant "Juicy Bling, Juicy etc"written over my bum!
  14. I think it's way overpriced also. I have ONE shirt by them and I don't really think there's really such a difference in quality to warrant the price hike.
  15. I'm not so into the matchy matchiness of the track suits. Nothing wrong with breaking the pieces up. I only own one hoodie but like 5 pairs of the pants. SO comfy!
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