juicy tracksuits... how many do you have?

  1. hello ladies, i was told that i have too many juicy tracksuits. i don't think i have that many...

    1. cupid blue w/ ruffles on the jacket pocket 'i love juicy' on the back
    2. vespa
    3. chairlift w/ the holiday tree on the back of the jacket.

    and one jacket with no pants (tear) in petal pink.

    how many do you have and how many do you think is too many?

    *just curious*
  2. I have 2 track suits and one motorcycle collar terry jacket that I assume is supposed to have matching pants. I just noticed today that filene's basement has a wall full of Juicy track jackets and pants for $40 a piece so I might purchase more pieces
  3. Okay, I'm completely addicted to Juicy tracksuits (they fit me perfectly), so my collection is quite scary, but I don't think I have that many -- in fact, I'm always on the hunt for more! :p.

    Terry BLACK classic set
    Terry FREEDOM (Green) classic set
    Terry GAINSBOURG GREEN classic set
    Terry MIA (Coral) classic set
    Terry MRS. ROBINSON (Pink) classic set
    Terry TROPHY WIFE (Fuschia) classic set
    Terry TUCKER (Brown) classic set
    Terry TYLER (Blue) classic set
    Terry WHITE classic set

    Velour CITY (Purple) classic set
    Velour CLOUDY (light gray) track jacket
    Velour DIAL (off-white) classic set
    Velour DELOVELY (royal blue) hoodie
    Velour GRANT (dark brown) classic set
    Velour HUNTER (olive green) cargo set
    Velour MARGEAUX (dark red) classic set
    Velour MIMI (camel) classic set
    Velour NATURE (green) classic set
    Velour SILVER LINING (silver) classic set
    Velour SMOKEY (dark gray) track jacket

    Fleece BALI BLUE logo set
    Fleece PUFF PUFF (dark gray/green) plaid set
    Fleece VAMP (wine) ruffle hoodie
    Fleece VERY CHERRY graphic set

    Plus lots of Juicy tees, jeans, scarves, and yeah. In my mind you can never have too many tracksuits! I try to get a new set every month...yes, I have a problem :sweatdrop:.
  4. ^ OMG! That's amazing! :p

    I have 3 tracksuits and tons of Juicy shirts.
  5. All of my Juicy pieces are mix & match. I have a short sleeved white hoody, dark brown sweatpants (actually looks pretty cute together), plus an olive green hoody that's a little more goth with 'vicious' on the back w/ swarovski crystals & studs on the back too, hehehehe
  6. Wow Lithiumpearl! That's a lot of Juicy!:nuts:

    I donated a bunch of mine over this past fall. I still have:
    2 velour suits in hitch and frenzy
    1 pair of velour pants in socialite
    1 nylon suit in black and white
    1 terry hoodie in trophy wife
    1 pair of nylon warm up pants
    1 shirt
    1 pair of denim bermuda shorts
    1 pair of black bermuda shorts

    I got rid of 3 terry suits, another shirt, a dress and a pair of jeans...
  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my juicy tracksuits! I have:

    1 terry
    3 velour
    3 fleece
  8. oh dear, Lithiumpearl - i am sooo jealous!!! U got an awesome collection. I only have 2 suits and one without pants.
  9. lithiumpearl that is an amazing collection you got going there. WOW! your closet probably looks like a juicy store, heheee

    i love reading about other people's collections!!!

    i forgot to add that i also have one terry green dress (don't know the color) and a black viscose dress... the dresses are so cute and comfy. mmmmmmm...
  10. Hehe, I'm embarrassed to admit that it does look like a Juicy store, or as my boyfriend says, a Juicy showroom! Maybe when I have enough energy to dig through my closet I'll take some photos and post :idea:.
  11. ohhhh what a rainbow of Juicy!!! :love:
  12. Terry
    Trophy wife set ( bright magenta/pink)
    Plunge set( bright turqouise

    Snowglobe set:heart:( purpley lilacly pale pink )
    Rothchild set ( perfect baby blue)

    I want some cute logo tees but cant find any online as i live in the UK ( willing to buy from the US) i buy from the US as its half the price in US!!! so if you have any website with juicy tees say cute phrases pm me or post it on this thread please!!
  13. I have 2 suits...maroon velour and black terry cloth. I have a Pink(Mrs. Robinson) terry puffed sleeve jacket. One can't have too much in regards to juicy...tee hee hee
  14. Wow lithiumpearl that's a lot! :wtf:
    Unfortunately I never seem to find any Juicy tracksuits in the Netherlands so I have exactly... none! They're veeeery cute though.
  15. I :heart: my Juicy suits for lounging around the house. I have six or seven complete sets, and am always looking for more. :yes: