Juicy terry pants ?

  1. For the basic drawstring terry pants is there much difference between the size P and S?
  2. The terry runs smaller than the velour IMO. I would go with the larger of the two sizes...
  3. Hey Katrina,

    There isn't a significant difference with the terry pants. I have to buy petite for all Juicy stuff except their terry pants. Usually, you're looking to wear these to sleep or to lounge around anyways. I have several in Small and they fit fine...especially with the drawstrings you shouldn't have any problems.
  4. The small is great for everyday fit, as they aren't too baggy and are great for wearing all the time.
    The size up is more baggy on the leg, but imo I think its more comfortable.

  5. :yes: I agree.
  6. It depends how you like them to fit (snug vs. a little looser). They do stretch out a little, I've found.

  7. I agree, I have terry pants in pink and white. the white ones have a back and front pockets on them, they stretched definitely although they are still snug (the length is long) and the pink is the basic pants with no pockets and that didnt really stretch as much.:yes:
  8. yes... I used to wear mine depends to the fit size and design.. mostly I used to wear them when I'm going out..
  9. Does anyone have a pair of the terry pants from this year that could possibly measure across the waist for me for the size Petite?

    I usually wear the S which are not super tight on me, but there is a set I want and the pants are size P do you guys think I could fit in them?
  10. im really short, and i wear the p, but i still have to get em hemmed (im not 5 ft yet)