Juicy sunglasses for $40!

  1. If any of you are military I got a small catalog for the bx/px in the mail the other day that had juicy sunglasses for $40. They normally retail for close to $200. I thought this was a great deal and they looked really cute. They also have coaches discounted. With no tax it is a steal. Try aafes online and see if they have anything good. Good luck
  2. I tried going on line but I have to be a member. Could you tell me which Coaches they have purdy please?
  3. Are you sure they are authentic and could you post up what models?
  4. The coach style varies. They have the striped tote and some other styles. Sorry, I'm not as familiar w/coach. They have different styles in the stores than they do online. They also have some wallets. I didn't see the glasses on line, just in the flyer they sent out and I al ready threw it away. Check out you local bx/px. I know Fort Bragg and Fort Sam Houston have a good selection.
  5. I know they don't sell fakes. I would feel very confident buying any product from them.
  6. Yup, the military bases have clothes/accessories from various designers for AMAZING discounts. They have shops at military bases, open only to military servicemen and servicewomen and their families. Everything is authentic, new, and first qualities. It's one of the perks from being in the military
  7. Thanks, I think I may take a trip out to one of the bases this weekend to see. The only problem is that many of the bases here don't have a big selection. I have to go to Fort Benning to get a good selection and that is 2 hours away from me. So it is also online as well? I have never been the aafes site, just to the actual PX store. I think I will check out the site. Thanks for posting this.
  8. I wish I knew someone in the military !
  9. My dad is in the service and I got my Singnature Stripe Large Tote bag from there at a $70 discount , I bought my $2000 HP computer on there for $1200 with no tax and no shipping , I get a ton of stuff from the site best site online