Juicy Spa Flap bag in neutral-a keeper?

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  1. I just picked this bag up at Neiman's tonight...Oh my gosh, the leather is so supple and buttery and it was what drew me to the bag. I love luxe leathers. The color, leather, and style are perfect. I'm just worried that the Juicy Couture nameplate will date the bag and make it look too trendy. I try to buy pieces that I'll love and keep for awhile (thus my love affair with Dior) and am trying to decide on this one...What do you think?
  2. i think its cute,,,,but i think for the price its not worth it cause Juicy holds no value at all (check out ebay) in completed listings people can barely pull $300 if that on ebay for bags, no matter if they are leather or not unless they are some rare limited edition sommething or other

    but if you ever decided you didnt love it you would loose a TON of $$ :sad:

    i have looked into this bag too and i think its super cute but i wouldnt pay more then like $250 for it cause i know the value will drop a ton and

    i had the same problem would it look trendy and out of style fast :sad:

    also here is a website its avail for $315,,, so its a bit cheaper may be worth returning yours and getting this one if you really love it and want to keep it but i dunno i would think about it a lot before taking off the tags and check out ebay and stuff cause if you are like a lot of us we get sick of bags or they dont work for us and the thing to do is sell them but it sucks when we loose 1oo's of $$'s cause of whatever,,,

  3. I think the bag is gorgeous! Personally, I wouldn't worry about the bag being dated, etc. If you love it, you love it! Who do you have to impress but yourself? I think it's a keeper.
  4. Thanks for that website link - I think I may pick one up for myself now. It's a really cute bag, and that is not too bad of a price!
  5. I agree that Juicy leather is very soft and touchable, and I've seen this bag IRL and really liked it. The only things that deterred me was the opening - I can barely deal with a zipper (I like to be able to just toss things in there), let alone this closure. Overall I think Juicy bags are more trendy than classic, but I like the color and style of this one more so than, say, all the terrycloth and print junk that they put out.
  6. Thanks! :smile: I got it on sale at Neiman's for just $313...pretty cheap!
  7. it's cute.. if you like it, keep it!
  8. very cute!
  9. LOVE IT!!!
    Could be a well used bag;
    Going out...
    Personally I just... LOVE IT!!!
  10. juicy leather bags are pretty supple, but be careful about the workmanship, i have a leather hobo from them and the treads are coming apart already. don't put too much stuff in it and i guess "baby" it a little? the leather gets softer with use so it ages well. it's a fun bag to carry and if you love it, keep it.
  11. I think it's cute! Juicy's leather is super nice too. I had a Liv clutch from them and I bought it for the gorgeous leather :smile:
  12. You know, I was prepared NOT to like it when I first read your entry, because I'm not predisposed to Juicy -- but when I saw the picture: I like it! I think it looks classy and classic. And I think it will become a classic Juicy purse. Enjoy it!!!!
  13. I might be buying it in tan :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: