Juicy Samples??? Where & How!

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  1. Ive noticed whilst browsing on ebay, that many people, most of which i do believe are genuine, are selling Juicy Samples.

    an example is this one


    How do these people get these samples? This seller is in fact british, I can barely buy juicy in England let alone get samples! (Apart from the department stores of course.) And where do they get them??

    Obviously I know that samples wont be perfect, but i am still intrigued!

    Baffled (and jealous)

  2. I got some Juicy couture ballet flats from London Fashion Weekend they had a big sample sale of so many shoes and handbags and they were all really cheap my pumps were only £40

  3. ohhhh, so fashion week and things like that? Never thought of that, thanks!
  4. Yes, there will be another London Fashion weekend in September time and it's only about £20 for a ticket there is a lot of crap on sale but there are a few good stands such as juicy, michael kors, emma cook and they have really good vintage ones!

    But there is a lot of things for younger girls and it's really busy but definetly worth going!

    I think Clothes Show Live do juicy now as well
  5. thats great!