Juicy question

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  1. are there any places that might have coupons that i can use that sell juicy charm bracelets?

  2. well uh i knoe bloomingdales usually has sales on juicy
  3. Parisian in the Atlanta area carries them, and they ALWAYS have coupons for 20% off.
  4. thanks everyone. i want to get them for my nieces for the holidays but usually only spend 25 per kid. just the bracelet is over that! :sad: oh well, i'll keep looking! thanks!
  5. ShopBop has some bracelets in their selection. I don't recall seeing any individual charms (I could be wrong, I looked a lot of places!) but I know for sure they have the "special" bracelets. I ordered the 'Jet Set' charm bracelet the other day and at check out I used the SAYJUICY code I read about on here for a 20% discount! You might check them out and see if they have anything your looking for. :smile:

    Oh and PS. through Dec. 14th you can use the code 'BRIGHT' and get a 20% discount at Bloomingdales. I know Bloomie's always has a nice selection of charms!
  6. Adasa.com currently has the code ALOHA126 that will get you 20% off the Juicy Items. SHipping free for total purchases over $100.
  7. Don't need a discount the bracelet is a steal at $35.