Juicy Pumpkin Jack o Lantern charm

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  1. Hi there
    I've been looking at the pumpkin charm and I see authentic looking versions for sale for over 150-250 dollars but I'm confused as some say that there is a yorkie as well as a candle inside (nordstoms label on box) but others show just a candle inside?

    Does anyone who has this charm from 2007 know exactly how it is supposed to look like?

    I see some ebay shops with a lot of the blue terry retired charms, how do some sellers get them and sell them for so much money? I can imagine getting a hold of one or two old charms in mint condition, but to have a whole shop?? They do look real enough and are going for hundreds of dollars...

    I buy most of my charms from revolve, saks, nordstroms to be sure they are real, but I really want some of the older discontinued ones IE pumpkin, ghost, etc...
  2. Boootsey, there is a charm reference thread at the top of this Juicy Couture board with excellent photos and information on authentic charms. There is a similar reference thread on the Jewelry board. You can use this info for comparison when you are considering buying off the bay.

    RE: the blue box charms on the bay. Many of those sellers buy the charms off ebay and try and resell them for a profit. Often they are successful, sometimes not. Naturally collectors take offense at resellers outbidding them, so many won't buy from those sellers.

    Personally, I would be leery of buying from ebay until one is proficient in spotting fakes and/or unscrupulous sellers. Many ebay sellers can get ugly when a buyer is unhappy and dares to ask for a refund.
  3. Yes and beware of FAKES as I am seeing the market get flooded with fake pumpkin charms lately.....a lot of the fakes have the clasp on the right hand side of the pumpkin when it should be on the left. Just make sure to ask for lots of pictures from a seller.
  4. I have been noticing an increase in fake charms lately also. These sellers seem to have an endless supply of fake charms. What puzzles me is that many of these sellers have tons of excellent feedback. I guess buyers don't know the difference between the real and fake and leave positive feedback before finding out they bought a fake.
  5. I also think that a lot of sellers start out by selling authentic, then get greedy. Plus with the number of new collectors out there, many start out not knowing what to buy or where to go so they resort to the bay and sellers know that. The ones without integrity will buy charms for $13 from places like forestprincess then sell them on the bay for $100. Its disgusting.
  6. I will say, some holiday charms aren't as popular in other countries they're released in, specifically the countries that don't celebrate certain holidays like the US does (i.e. the turkey from Thanksgiving), so they may still have some of that charm available. For example, the pumpkin may have sold out here right away because we're enamored with Halloween, but the pumpkin may not have significance in other countries so they still have a few available.
  7. ^ so right ! i don't really see the huge attraction of the pumpkin(although it IS cute !) due to me being english, we're not as big on halloween ! i only went trick or treating for the first time last year ! (i'm 36!)
  8. some stores in asia might still have them, i remember that someone mentioned seeing some old halloween charms at the JC outlet in singapore.
    halloween and thanksgiving are very tradional USA holidays, halloween is starting to get big here but i can imagine that not many people in oz would buy the turkey!
    now i wonder what the only store that carries JC here does with the old charms...:confused1:
    btw, the pumpkin has only the candle inside.

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  9. Not everyone here in the US is big on Halloween, myself included, though it does seem to be getting more popular. I do think it's too cute to have the little ones in costume come by for trick or treat, but most families have cut back on that.
    Neither am I especially fond of jack'o'lanterns (sp?) though I think a regular pumpkin would be cute for fall.

    Thanksgiving is a regular national holiday here.
    BTW, What charms beside the turkey has JC put out for Thanksgiving?? If any?

    I'm thinking the teepee will be this years Thanksgiving charm, and maybe the pumpkin pie? (or are we getting ahead of ourselves, LOL)
  10. Katierose- Juicy had a cornucopia that Adam had in one of his auctions that went pretty high. It would be nice if they came out with another one.
  11. Dolllover, right!
    Thanks for reminding me. I did see that cornucopia, and the bids were out of sight (probably won't be getting that one!) :amuse:
  12. I actually didn't like the cornucopia charm at all! Juicy could have done so much better with that one, IMHO.
  13. Agreed - The "Horn of Plenty" could have been much better, maybe they will retool it for this year, as an LE version?

    Can't wait to see which Halloween charms are released this year!!! The pumpkin is one of my ultimate favorites!
  14. i would love to see the tepee being released! even if we don't have thanksgiving here in oz i'll go for it!!