Juicy Pine Cone Charm - Gold or Silver?

Jul 30, 2008
Does the pine cone charm even come in gold? I ordered it off Nordstrom and the description said gold, the picture of the charm box on the website even was the gold-style one, but they sent me silver. The very polite livechat person who helped me said that that was an error, for them the only option showing is silver. I suggested they change the description before other customers were disappointed. ;)

I will probably return it if they were ever made in gold, but if there is no hope for tracking one down in gold I might keep the silver. It is a going to be a gift for my mom, who loves pine cones, but her bracelet and other charms are all gold.


Mar 19, 2006
The Great Plains
Love your mom's thinking! I purchased the pine cone off of Nordstrom's too thinking it was going to be gold but it is indeed silver. I kept it though as it is so pretty and such a substantial charm. I actually like it in silver now!