Juicy Perfume

  1. Just went in today Looking for a new Perfume got the travel Juicy perfume . Its really nice but my god the bottle is soooooooooo cute[​IMG]
  2. It is a very cute bottle. What does it smell like, I haven't checked it out yet. I have the one they released last year and I like it quite a bit.

    It's nice to see that many designers as of late are making nice bottles again. It seems like the last couple of years so many of them were just making basic glass bottles, nothing special.

    I've been known to actually buy perfume because I like the bottle. They're like scented decorations :smile:
  3. Hehe I am the same:smile: . I saw the bottle this morning and I was like" I have to have it" lol... Never mind the smell of it:lol:. I cant place the smell at the mo. its some flower smell. At first I was not too mad on it. But as soon as it settled on my skin I loved it. I always wear Britney's Fantasy I couldn't get it. But I loved the bottle so much I bought two today :lol:
  4. I like the Juicy scent and my DH loves the lotion because the smell lasts literally all day on me! Try it out!
  5. :yes:OHHHHH I didnt see that I'll look out for that thanks
  6. Heehee I got it at Nordstrom and they had it with the doggie stuff, juicy crittoure! So cute. :smile:
  7. Awww . I wish I could by off that site but it doesn't do over seas :sad:
  8. dangit...maybe someone could send it to you :angel:
  9. I want to find a site that sends Mac Cosmetics . And I cant.The Only place is one and a half bus journey and another hour nearly to get to over traffic !!! The Joys of not driving :sad: I love buying make up all the time

    I'm delighted with revolve and ShopBob they delivery here wooooo :biggrin: But no Mac on there sites
  10. the bottle is SO cute! to me this smells a lot like magnolias-similar to the marc jacobs perfume ;).
  11. ahhaa thats it :yes:
  12. Where do you live???
  13. I love it, it smells delicious. My mom got me the big bottle for my birthday last year and I use it quite a bit.
  14. I am waiting for this perfume to arrive _ I was looking at different perfumes for a secrect Santa and I smelled this and decided to order it for myself , I love the way it smells
  15. the smell is very mature almost funky. i dont know how to describe. definitely not sweet