Juicy pant ?

  1. Do the velour pants run smaller size wise then the terry ones? Or do they fit the same? Thanks.:smile::heart:
  2. Hmm i think they fit the same:yes:
  3. I have ten terry sets and ten velour sets (yes, I have a problem) and I know for sure that they run the same in terms of size.
  4. fit the same as terry
  5. ^^^^Thanks for the replies.:smile:

    Also, does anyone know if there is a big difference between the size P and S?
  6. I think the terry ones fit the same, but are a little shorter than the velour.
  7. I don't know if you'd say there is a big difference between P and S, but I think their sizes do run small and I can wear a S in pants but the P is just too tight to be flattering on me. I actually have a pair of large velour Juicy pants that I wear that are a little baggy but look okay.
  8. P is just a tad smaller than S..I think they're a bit shorter too??

    I don't have a pair of Juicy pants..I just buy the tops...For some reason I just don't like matching / wearing the whole set together... weird, I know.