Juicy Large Wallet $80

  1. That is so cute. Does anyone knows is this an authentic site? It does look authentic but wanna make sure.

  2. I was thinking the same thing.
    If it's from eBay or smartbargains....how do you know if they're real?
  3. That site is real, they are the online store of Loehmann's
  4. yeah i have gotten a lot of sick deals from them before. yeah it's a legit site that only sells authentics.

    that wallet is def. a good deal, somebody here snatch it!
  5. i have one just like this but in pewter color.. love em!
    the black one is nice toooo!
  6. I want this so bad! But I just spent like over $150 two days ago at NM for their Juicy Couture stuff!

    Oh man I am so tempted ... I wish it was $50 then I totally would get it. Plus $10 for shipping seems like a lot for just a wallet. The stuff I got from NM all shipped for free. I really hate paying shipping online LOL!
  7. if you pay 9.95 at smartbargains.com, you will have a flat rate of 2.95 for shipping for 12 months... its for their membership... ive been receiving codes from them as well for free shipping, also being a member you get the exclusives of shopping sales before everyone else... or they have sales just for members I just got my membership a couple weeks ago just havent bought anything yet, i almost have many many times haha :p
  8. The thing i love about smartbargains.com vs Neiman Marcus etc, is that when i add an item to my cart it actually stays in there until I check out!! Don't run the risk of it getting SOLD OUT between the few seconds i add to my cart, checkout, and enter my card information!! they will DEFINITELY get more business from me, just because they are a lot more convenient to work with!
  9. I like that feature too....