juicy, JUICY

  1. Dear All,

    Want all of your opinions on what you think wearing a matching juicy couture tracksuit together? Same color trackpants, and jacket? Do you think it looks odd?:confused1::confused1:
  2. I don't think so, they're meant to be worn that way.

    I think it would look odd if you wore a green bottom and a yellow top. If you're talking about the terry/velor suit pants and zip up...
  3. I agree to that! :tup::yahoo:But do you think it would be better if trackpant was worn with just a different top than to its matching jacket?
  4. I don't do it :shrugs:
  5. I think it's fine to pair them together or wear them seperatly, ie, the pants w/ another shirt (that matches of course, no hot pink pants with lime green shirts haha!) or, two different black tracksuits mix and matched...I would not, however, match any other way...as in, no blue pants with a green hoodie....hope this was easy to understand LOL! :smile:
  6. Some people think it looks like some unofficial athletic uniform, but I think it looks cute, especially if you wear an inner shirt that adds a pop of color (e.g. wearing a black tracksuit with a pink shirt that peeks out). I do pair the hoodie with jeans and I do wear the bottoms with different shirts/tanks, so I always buy an entire juicy tracksuit to give me the option of mixing and matching. Mixing fabrics -fleece bottom with velour hoodie- is a no-no, I think.
  7. agreed.

    the exception is bright colors for me, but i do see them on girls and think they look totally adorable. as for me, the brightest juicy suit i have is plum. :p i'm so anti-color...haha!
  8. I don't like the look at all...
  9. That looks are out to me.
  10. erm it is meant to be worn that way...I do however mix it up some. Lately all I want to wear are the hoodies alone with jeans or a skirt.
  11. Wearing a matching track jacket ,and track pants is tacky... (if you are going to the gym). I usually just buy the jackets,and when I purchase the pants I usually buy them in a seperate color
  12. I'm a juicy track suit fan...I wear the matching set with a different color shirt underneath it as well as the jacket with jeans or the pants with just a t-shirt.

    Whether the look is out or not...there's nothing more comfortable than wearing juicy track suits when you travel, around the house, or when you're going to spend the whole day in school studying.
  13. Sorry but I think it's a tacky look. Unless you're going to the gym, I wouldn't wear it.
  14. I really don't like the look either. It just looks a little sloppy, IMO. I think the jacket alone would be OK though..
  15. I have a few juicy tracksuits. I have worn them together and I have also worn the hoodie with jeans or the track pants with just a regular type tank top and no hoodie. I think wearing them together looks fine. I do think wearing the pants in one color and then the hoodie in another color together might look a little funny.