juicy jacket?yay or nay

  1. hi girls... i hope this isnt in the wrong section, but is anyone out there familiar with which ebay seller sells authentic juicy? its so hard to tell nowadays bc so many good fakes out there. But ive really been lusting over this last season juicy jacket! if any of you knowledgable ladies can give me opinions on its authenticity and whether u think its cute or not... that would be cool!=)
    eBay: NEW JUICY COUTURE PARKA BOMBER JACKET P private benj (item 130038094150 end time Oct-24-06 17:19:11 PDT)
  2. she seems like a good seller i dont think theyre fake... but one never knoows.... and this is cute! i cant pull it off, thats the reason i dont have one :[
  3. i would stay away
  4. it's FAKE.
  5. lol i guess im not a good ebayer ..:biggrin:
  6. oooo thank goodness i consulted u all before buying!!!! im definitely staying away now! :wtf: thanks for the advice!
  7. Juicy jackets are heavily faked... I would buy them at the store for peace of mind. I think that parka is from last season though. :oh:
  8. Cute jacket! I have no idea on authenticity though.
  9. You can tell fake juicey charms by the clasp, but I don't know about other things.
  10. I just bought a similar jacket yesterday, but it has the dog and says Juicy on the right arm. Its really cute!