Juicy Gals - need your help!

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  1. Since my on going search for a juicy daydreamer has brought me once again to eBay, there are two currently listed. I've contacted them to ask for proof of authenticity, so I thought I would ask you gals here to see what you think about them. Real or fake?

    THANK YOU! :yahoo:


  2. The first one (Pink) is a fake.

    The second one is AUTHENTIC!! :tup: You can tell by the metallic leather is a bronze/ish color. The fakes had a cracked shiney gold color.

    It's used, although it looks to be in very good condition. You may want to ask for more pictures, including the interior, just to verify the actual condition, since they are asking more than what it retailed for.
  3. the 1st was is fake.

    i'd ask for an inside pic of the second one just to make sure, but it looks ok to me.

    just so you know for future refrence, the flower daydreamers are one of the most faked juicy bags around, so you should def. always check here if you need help authenticating one.
  4. ^ Thank you so much! I think i'm gonna get the second one, I've been searching and searching!
  5. I thought that the pink was a fake, but someone replied to my LJ that the white one (2nd) is real. any thoughts?
  6. IMHO the J'amie Juicy are the most widely faked. They are also the easiest to authenticate, (since the authentic ones all had a tie dyed silk ribbon).

    Dusty paws--
    Here's a fake cream floral one to compare

    Notice how the leather is a super golden color. Also the floral pattern is more orange shades.
  7. The seller just added photos of the interior - what do you guys think?