Juicy Fur-Lined Hoodie - Real or Fake?

  1. I am sure that it is fake. She has WAY too many of these and it looks like this is the only type of jacket she is selling. Makes me think she bought a lot of these off ioffer. Anyway this jacket is extremely faked and isn't even from this season (last year!)--it shouldn't be going for $100 BIN!
  2. i heard that authentic jackets like this are supposed to be completely lined with fur, not just at the hood and stuff, but i haven't verified that information yet
  3. ^^ I think you are right. I used to have a similar Juicy jacket and it was completely lined with fur. It was a reversible jacket, so the Juicy tag was not at the back of the neck; rather, it was inside one of the kangaroo pockets.

    The jacket there is fake. Shopbop has a lot of cute fur and sherpa-lined jackets right now from Juicy; no tax and use the promo codes on the homepage! Good luck.