Juicy from Revolve Clothing?

  1. Hi all!
    I just purchased a juicy tracksuit from revolveclothing.com and I am suuuuuper disappointed with the quality of the cargo pants I got! The track jacket is ok, but the pants seem to have loose stiching that leaves me with holes on the seam of the inner thigh! I didn't notice this until they were actually on me and I got in my car, started driving and I look down and I see that there are holes in my pants! THANK GOD they weren't noticable when I walked (I was in a rush and couldn't turn back to change). So I suffered a couple hours in them and then rushed home to change.

    Anyway...so the tags are off, i've worn them, can I still return them?
    I really don't want to spend $90 on something and then not even be able to wear it! I've never had these types of problems with other juicy stuff I've bought at Nordstrom etc....

    Has anyone else had problems with revolve clothing or juicy?

    This just seems ridiculous...i think the velour tracksuits I bought at target were of much higher quality than these things....
  2. i haven't had any problems with any of my juicy clothes and i haven't ordered any from revolve, but revolve has excellent customer service so i'd give them a call and see what they're willing to do. i think you should be able to return them if you're unhappy with the quality. they've always been very accomodating when i've returned items. hth
  3. I'm sorry you were disappointed with the pants! I wouldn't be very happy if I got a defective item as well. I would call or write to Revolve.. their customer service is excellent and very friendly. I'm sure they will be able to work out something. Good luck!
  4. I've heard that their customer service is very good. I'm sure that they will try their best to help you. Good luck!
  5. I sent them an e-mail on sunday morning...I have yet to receive a reply....I'll give them till Wed morning.
  6. I bought a juicy pants and sweater there, too and the quality was excellent. Revolve has an excellent customer service so I think there won't be a problem in returning them. I order a lot there and all items arrived very fast and I never had to pay custom fees because they declare all packets with 40$. All brands they have are hugely expensive here so I usually safe about 70% by ordering from the US.
  7. Not Juicy, but I received a pair of defective TR's and they paid for return shipping (I'm in Canada so it's not free to return items) and sent me a new pair right away! Definitely very accomodating - I just sent an email & explained my situation.
  8. Have you tried calling them? IMO, calling is more effective than emailing :yes:
  9. I agree with the suggestion to call. I find their email replies to be slow, but if you call, they get right on it.
  10. I bought a Juicy velour tracksuit and it was fine. 30% with the new customer welcome also.
  11. I've ordered from revolve but I ordered Diesels not Juicy stuff.
  12. I got my juicy from Revolve too and it was perfect
    Try give them a call and explain.
  13. yes def call
  14. give them a call. i got a pair of the velour pants from the net-a-porter sale and i can't stop wearing them! they're so comfy and theres nothing wrong with them. i think you just got a dud and i'm sure revolve will be very accommodating.

    keep us updated!