Juicy First with fab BIN

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  1. It's not calcaire. I think it's just an '06 white. The BINs a little too high for that condition IMO.
  2. ^^ yeppers, it's got an '06 tag :cutesy:
  3. I asked the seller for more pics. I'll post them when and if I get any.
  4. Why does it have squarish bales Is this the Mini Classique?
  5. not so fab buy it now...balny still has white ones...
  6. it looks fake to me, the bales are square!
  7. I missed it with this one, sorry for the post.
  8. WHAT??? Where? I totally don't see square bales. It looks completely authentic to me.

    It's the classique (first).
  9. I agree. The bales look fine to me.
  10. sorry, maybe it was just the angel, i thought they looked sort of square
  11. OHHH hey girls this is the oen that i WON for $410! but the deal never went through *_* dof... But i'm sure it's authentic :biggrin:
  12. From the pictures, the condition wasn't that bad. I am having my eyes on this one. What do you all think the fair price?

    eping, what happend to your transaction? why didn't it go through?
  13. BIYISHANG :biggrin:

    Well, after i won, tried to contact the seller (btw, i won this bag from a different ebay name) I wanted to send a money order. He never replied me for a week... long story short, i was so upset but i was able to get another white first :biggrin: He did let me know AFTER 2-3 weeks that if i did want it i could pay and or he would relist it again. he told me he had another acct which he list balenciaga items too (guessing it's this ebay ID)

    Hope you get it!