Juicy Daydreamer in Blue

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  1. Picked this up at Tj Maxx last week. I was so excited! They had a bunch of juicys there and my stepdaughter got a green hobo one and she even found a matching wallet! No blue wallets though :sad: It was $119.
  2. i bought this one two weeks ago from the actual juicy couture store for my GF. it was on sale for $120. thought it was a cool deal.

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  3. I really like the brightness of the blue of this Dyadreamer! Great find & congrats!!
  4. Omg loving that blue! I wish my TJ's carried JC.
  5. That's SO pretty in blue! :smile:
  6. pretty
    Dont u just love TJmaxx
    wink wink
  7. Congrats! Very pretty blue