Juicy Couture

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  1. Are Is anyone besides me obsessed with JC purses?

    I am they are so adorable!

  2. JC purses and bags are always cute in my thought. I love their bags and will buy one soon.
  3. I only have three JC purses.
    I want to get more.
    My mom alwasy steals them from my closet!

    But i have alot of JC jewelry, which is also adorable some stuff is a bit gaudy,though
  4. I think JC is fab. NOt a lot of people wear it which is a shame as they do some great bags and wallets.
  5. Alot of girls in my school wear it.
    It's more popular than LV, in my high school.

    They also have great sweatsuits too, they are great quality
  6. It's becoming really popular in my school.
    I love it.
  7. Since my name is Jessica.
    so some people are like "does that J zipper stand for Jessica?"
    i am like "nooo it stand for juicy couture"
    it's pretty funny