juicy couture

Oct 27, 2006
hmm well i am trying to decide wether to buy the juicy couture velour pants or not and should i get the hoody im not really sure why i actually want to buy them i know they arent the most flattering but they look so comfy - any thoughts on this???

hollie xxx


Sep 19, 2006
Out where I live (Orange County, California), everyone wears them. It's the basic comfy outfit you wear when you get up early to go get coffee. It's sexy but comfy, because its form fitting.

If your on a budget, just buy the hoodie jacket. It's comfy and can be worn layered in cold weather.


Feb 22, 2006
there's nothing wrong with a juicy suit. It's not exactly a piece u would wear to make a fashion statement but it's a great comfortable outfit. When they were huge i would always wear them but now i reserve them for days when i feel gross or when relatives are over and i don't wanna wear my pj's around the house. They are great for travelling. I have hot pink and i'm not trying to sound cocky but i look good in it and everyone i know says so.


Jul 8, 2006
There is nothing wrong with JC track suits. They are perfect for school, buming around the house, doing errnds....anything YOU want them to be for. You can buy just the hoodies and wear them with jeans and a tank some sexy stilletoes or wear the track suit...make sure you get a neutral color, nothing bright :smile:

i guess other girls here might not get it, but its a califronia thing :smile:
they are definitely a staple in california. girls drive around doing errands, lounging and get coffee in their juicy tracksuits. they're comfy but definitely not that stylish?

i prefer lululemon. thats comfortable too! the velour on the juicy pants get static-y on me often.


Aug 10, 2006
ooo i want the fur lined hoodie! where'd you get it sparklyprincess?

i like the velour outfits, they're super comfy and what i wear when i don't feel like getting dressed in real clothes. also, for some reason the pants with cargo pockets are a lot more form fitting than the normal velour pants. i'm not sure why, maybe they're cut differently or something.