Juicy Couture

  1. Hi i bought the cutest pink Juicy Couture bag from Nordstrom's this week , does any one else like Juicy?
  2. I love juicy couture. I have bunch of clothes from them as well as 3 travel bags.
  3. i love juicy sweats, and have admired the bags but never bought one myself. but i have friends with them and i think the quality is nice and theyre super cute!
  4. I just made my first Juicy purchase last week at the Nieman's Sale. I bought a black leather handbag that is really quite lovely. It is extra large - has one little nickel banner that says Juicy Couture - and the leather is much richer and smooshier that I expected. I've been carrying it for a few days now and I'm a big fan.

    I think some of the terry cloth stuff looks a bit young - for me that is (but I'm 37) but the leather is really nice.

    How bout a pic of your pink bag?

    Go Juicy!