Juicy Couture??

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  1. I LOOOOOVE Juicy Couture bags. I have a number of handbags as well as diaper bags that are Juicy. I have juicy clothing, juicy shoes, juicy perfume, juicy jewelry...etc..the list goes on and on!! :yes: I am pretty new to this forum and have been looking for some Juicy threads and can't seem to find any. Am I the only one who loves the Juicy Couture stuff here? I guess it is not that popular here and I was just wondering if I was alone with my love for Juicy Couture. :shrugs:
  2. Hi there !!! I think you'll find quite a mix of opinions on Juicy here- some girls really like it and others prefer leather and/or less trendy or mare mature/classic styles. There's a little of everything around here !!! We've actually had quite a few discussions about Juicy.....
  3. i used to LOVE juicy couture handbags too!! and had a few as well, they have all became hand-me-downs to my little sister!! lolx.. she is 16, and she loves juicy, she bought a few juicy bags herself along with the ones i left her. I love juicy track suits though, they fit me perfect, SZ Petite pants and SZ small jackets, other brands are sometimes too big, or the pant legs are too short.

    i think with the bags, i grew out of them, i think its more suitable for my sister's age.. i am 21, i stopped using juicy bags about 2 years ago~
  4. No, you're not alone. Another Juicy Couture addict right here *raises hand*. My closet actually pretty much resembles a Juicy Couture showroom since their clothes fit me so well.

    Their bags are cute and fun, but I've found that their choice of materials (especially terry) pick up and show dirt too easily. I think their current bags with the cherry design are really cute and whimsical and would be the perfect accessory for going on a picnic or strolling through a park. Some of their designs are a bit gaudy and obnoxious, but every designer is guilty of this once in a while. Like someone else mentioned, I think many of their bags appeal to younger people because they have really loud, bold logos and their are more cutesy and in-your-face girlie as opposed to sleek, feminine, and quietly edgy like other designer brands.

    They are expanding their handbag collection to include more leather items and introduce a more sophisticated style, though, so who knows, maybe they will eventually win over other people as well!
  5. I also love juicy, I have the hoodie in almost every color, same with the terry shirred dresses, I have few juicy bags, and a couple of juicy dog carriers.
  6. I have great juicy sneakers and love their hoodies. They have some really cute bags in leather now, I was eyeing a great white one at Saks.com but someone grabbed the last one :sad:
  7. im dying to have the quilted satchels but theyre sold out everywhere!
  8. Glad to see I am not the only Juicy lover here! I was beginning to think I was a weirdo for liking them!! :nuts:
    I cannot wait to see some of the newer leather bags they come up with!!
  9. Oh no! You are not alone!
    I love their bags, jewelry and hoodies!

    I have at least 10 Juicy Couture bags - their leather ones of course - and a lot of them from last season's actually - because I loved what they did with last season - this season... not so much....

    Hahaha I get so excited when I talk about Juicy!
  10. I love Juicy! I have 2 bags, 6 charms, a bracelet, earrings, 3 tops, shoes, and an ipod case. You are definitly not alone!
  11. I love Juicy! I always seem to be buying more Juicy clothing even though I try to buy other brands. I don't have any of their bags but I do like them. I actually ordered one and then it came back as being discontinued. :sad:
  12. I love Juicy! My bf almost had a heart attack when he saw me pull out my Juicy charm and bracelet collection last week. He didn't realize I had gotten so many in the past year! I just said, yup, now you need to figure out how big of a house we need to fit all my Juicy gear. :p

    I have tons of hoodies and pants in velour, fleece and poly. I've got a few dresses and skirts too. I have a few bags, my favorite is the satchel from about 2 years ago. I have it in white and pink. The little feet even have a little crown, heart, P&G logo on them.

    My charms:

    My bags:
  13. Wow!! You have a lot of charms!! I love them!!!

    I also love Juicy Couture.. but not as much as Chanel! :biggrin:
  14. I adore JC. I love the socks, the lounge suits, the shirred smock dresses, the charms...OH MY NERD, my bff and I are obsessed with the charms. I have yet to see a JC bag I like;but, that doesn't mean I am not looking for one...lol

  15. WOW! I love your collection!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: