Juicy Couture Wristlet $11.99 at Bloomigdales

  1. I ordered this juicy couture wristlet for $11.99 at bloomingdales.com.

    What do you guys think? Is it cute?


    The original price was $75 and then it was on sale for $36.99.
    Then I got $25 off with the code "TEEN" and it came out to $11.99!!!! :yahoo:

    Shipping was $5.95 so the grand total was $17.94! Not bad for a JC wristlet!


  2. how cute! lol i want one!
  3. That's a great deal! I'd snatch one up too but I think I'm a little too old for one now (I'm 25)
  4. LOL I know what you mean! I am around your age too and I hardly ever use wristlets! But I figure it would be a good gift if I end up not liking it! It was too good of a deal to pass up.
  5. Wow, gone already!
  6. ^^ I would keep trying periodically because it came up as not available for me initially too and then randomly it became available again.

    It shows up when you search for it, so I think there's a good chance it may come back.
  7. ive been wanting that! it will go with my juicy bag! i will keep refreshing
  8. i want the lollipop underwear! it shows as being available but when I go to add it it says I can't?
  9. oh my god me too! :tup:

    but it won't let me add it... :sad:

    Even though it says it's available!!!! :confused1:

  10. Aw, they only have size large left. :sad:
  11. That lollipop underwear is so cute! It would make such a great gift for one of your girlfriends or something :smile:
  12. Anyone tried calling CS to see if they can place your order for the underwear?
  13. aww the underwear is really cute and the wristlet! super cute, i missed out again!:sad:
  14. Hey Everyone I just got my wristlet today from bloomies!!!! :yahoo:

    I am super happy with it. I love the metallic leather trim and the wristlet is much roomier than I thought!

    Here are some pics, but they are from my phone so they aren't doing the metallic bronze trim any justice! The color is not coming across in the pics.

    Now all I need are suggestions on what to put in this! LOL I have so many wristlets that I barely use, because I seriously just don't know what do with them.

    If it comes back online, I would recommend ordering it! :tup:
    juicy wristlet 1.jpg juicy wristlet 2.jpg juicy wristlet 3.jpg
  15. I saw this in the store last weekend for way more than 11.99 and thought about this thread, haha. So cute! Glad you're liking it.