Juicy Couture...What do you collect?

  1. Ooh, I would collect their bags before :smile:. I had a really small collection but I felt proud lol ;]
  2. I collect clothes, haha. i have in total 11 shirts, dresses, track suits, and 1 bikini.

    And a bracelet & necklace, 4 charms ( lucky cat, owl, Juicy, bottle)
    But i dont like the jewelery :sad:
  3. I'm guilty of collecting the kitschy Juicy stuff. I have the flying pig piggie bank, the fortune cookie box, the bird in the glass dome, the small enamel boxes, necklaces all still in their boxes that I'll never wear, a baby photo frame (my favorite), I could go on and on. Things like the bird in the dome and the gold fortune cookie I had to buy jewelry with just to get and it the holders I wanted:blush: They take up two whole shelves in my bag closet and make me happy every time I look at them.
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    I have the gold fortune cookie necklace still in its box and the Marie Antoinette in the dome since I'm a nut about her history. But yeah I like the Juicy kitschy stuff. I would collect more of it if I had the space.
  5. i got a daydream bag...but the diamond started falling off....

    totally hate it.
  6. I mostly collect charms, but I also have some necklaces and bags.
  7. Hi,
    Besides the charms I have, I have other things which I love each one of them. This is what I have.

    Pink gum machine
    Heart enamel jewerly box (with a heart necklace inside)
    cupcake enamel jewelry box (with heart earrings inside)
    the party garden bracelet (Gold)
    The party flower bracelet (Black Version)
    A black with flowers ball necklace
    A multi chain bracelet (gold, silver and black chains)
    a multichain necklace (with lots of chains, flowers, jewels, etc.)
    Pave heart lipgloss ring
    bag lipgloss bracelet
    a few of their tin lipgloss
    one hot pink lipstick (love the hotpink bow with a J charm)
    Juicy loves Sephora hard train case (georgeous)
    Two starter bracelets gold & silver
    one gold with a hot pink ribbon solid perfumed bracelet
    Three of their fragances
    1 leather brown purse
    a pink foldable keypad board
    two pen with charms (football theme)
    and lots of heart, square, cupcake shape boxes where undies and socks came in...

    Also for my daughter I have:
    cupcake necklace
    Ice cream cone necklace
    ballerina shoes necklace
    pink bow ring (supper cute)
    one gold charm bracelet
    and one tiny deydreamer purse

    And still a few items on the wishlist for her and myself :smile:) Too bad I don't know how to post pictures:sad:
  8. Lol i have some charms but no bracelet/charm catcher necklace. Also have a velour hoodie on the way :biggrin:
  9. My collection began with charms and jewelry. Now I buy anything that has Juicy on it. It's just that they make the cutest stuff. I own Juicy bedding, yoga mat, bejeweled mouse, headbands, handbags, wallets, key fobs to doggy accessories. What can I say I love Juicy.
  10. i collect track suits :smile:
    i like them and if i could would wear them every day!!
    i have 24 :smile:
  11. i got a t shirt, three bags, socks, headband and a bracelet. i love juicy!! i wish i had more. I used to have a tracksuit but i gave it away to a friend that hates me now. :shame:
  12. I can easily say that the jewelry appeals to me the most. I just can't seem to get into the clothes, but the charms are awesome. I'm almost up to 150!
  13. I collect tracksuits! I have 15 currently in colors of the rainbow. Basic & fashion :smile:
  14. I collect their tracksuit hoodies, just terry and velour! They are my favorite items of theirs along with the charms which I also collect!
  15. i love their wallets! :love: