Juicy couture watch charm

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  1. Don' t know if anyone can help
    I am looking for the Juicy couture watch charm
    I think there were several styles made in gold and silver
    with or without the bracelet
    There are a few on ebay but I am cautious of buying here
    I thought I saw one in offsaks CA when I visited the US a few months back (wish I had brought it then)
    I live in the uk so pretty impossible to get any juicy stuff here
    kind wishes
  2. Hello!
    Could you give us a little more information on just what it is that you are looking for?
    Are you looking for a watch with charms?
    Or a charm bracelet with a watch on it?
    Or a chain bracelet with a locket that's a watch?
  3. HI Katierose

    thanks for your reply
    I was looking for the watch that was a charm, and it orginally came on a bracelet
    the one that I saw in saks was a charm bracelet with the watch on it as a charm, I think it had a few other charms on the bracelt as well
    I hope this makes sense
  4. have you check the juicy couture website? they might have it.
    also try revolveclothing.com they carry a good selection of JC accessories.
    hope you find it!