Juicy Couture Wallet Question

  1. Hi all,

    I am in need of a new bag and wallet. I'm getting a bag from Coach, but I want a wallet too. The Coach wallets are all WAY out of my budget at upwards of $100 a piece. So, I've turned to Juicy.

    Although the price is pretty reasonable, I was wondering if Juicy wallets like this ever go on sale:

    Also, how much does this hold? Is the billfold through the whole wallet so I don't have to fold my dollar bills or do the bills not fit?

    TIA for your responses! :tup:
  2. -BUMP-

  3. Wallets like those are usually with a few card slots and two openings for bills (that you'll have to fold in half).

    They will go on sale when they're trying to get rid of that season's stuff. Is that from the Spring/Summer collection? I think it'll go on sale in October-November.

    Juicy actually makes very nice leather wallets as well. Just in case you're looking for something a little more classic and expensive looking. ;) I love Juicy and I find their leather a lot more luxurious than the terry or velour IMO.
  4. yes I always see juicy wallets for sale at Nordstroms
  5. Yeppers,
    they go on sale all of the time at Nordtroms. Did you know you can get a great deal on a Coach wallet at the outlets......lots under $100.
  6. Thanks for all the responses! I will look out for the sales at Nordstrom! Only curious because for some reason I never see Juicy bags on sale at the store, only online.
  7. It's a cute wallet, but it doesn't hold too much. I remember looking through it while at the store and I know it's not more than 6 card slots (3 on each side). I would also have to agree that their leather wallets are a lot more classic looking, not to mention easier to keep clean, than the other fabrics, but sometimes it's hard to resist their cute terry and velour accessories!

    Also, I feel bad that you don't see any Juicy Couture bags on sale at your Nordy's because it's usually the first things to go on sale at the Nordstroms around Seattle, and there are always lots of them. I bought my French Continental Leather Wallet/Clutch for only $95.00 during last year's Anniversary Sale, and I love it.

    You may want to check out Revolve Clothing's selection of Juicy Couture accessories; they have lots of wallets and bags that you might like.


    Use code jt for an extra 15% off or, if it works for you (it varies by person), code styles07 for 20% off.
  8. ^^ Oh wow, they have quite the selection! Thanks so much for that tip!!
  9. yay i got my juicy continental wallet last year during the anniversary sale too! i got the quilted chocolate one. ITA that juicy has nicer leather wallets, i used mine everyday for a year now, still looks like i just got it yesterday. very happy about the quality.