juicy couture vs pochette acc

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  2. Wow that looks so cute! i have this bracelet and have never thought of using it this way, thanks for the idea!
  3. I love the bracelet and it looks really good as an extender.
  4. I really love the JC bracelet.. and I have planned to buy the pochette acc for "her". "She" made the pochette strap is long enough and I can carry the pochette in a very comfortable way. I am 172cm in height, I feel if using the LV extender (key chain) is just fit on me only.:yes:
  5. Yes, I agreed. It fit me very well because I am 5'7" in height. Love it.:heart:
  6. V.Cute! Good idea:smile:
  7. Thats very inventive. great idea!
  8. Oooo excellent idea. Now all i need is a JC bracelet.
  9. Great pics - and great use for it!:smile:
  10. Yes, u r right !
  11. em... go and get it... JC bracelet Fall 2006 design ! I really love it, I love the heart shape diamond charm and the crown charm with white pearl...:rolleyes:
  12. Thanks..
  13. Very cute. It seems to go well with the bag.
  14. great idea.
  15. i like it!